Is your freezer an enemy for fresh food? Director of Clinical Dietetics, Dr. Daina Kalnins debunks the myths of fresh vs. frozen.
TRUE or FALSE? Frozen fruits & vegetables are just as good as fresh.
There are a lot of question marks when it comes to wondering about anxiety. Dr Suneeta Monga helps you understand the different signs and symptoms.
I think my child has anxiety... What are some signs and symptoms?
This is one of the questions Clinical Dietitian Alissa Steinberg and Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Dettmer get asked the most. Find out what they have to say and let them help you fall in love with breakfast again!
Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
A TOP 5 every parent can use! Clinical Dietitian Alissa Steinberg breaks down the best vitamins and minerals for your child so you can stop guessing!
TOP 5: What are the best Vitamins & Minerals for my child?
Dr. Adelle Atkinson offers a straightforward description and demonstration of how to use an epinephrine autoinjector. This is something everyone needs to know!
How do i use an Epinephrine autoinjector?
Summer & holiday sleep schedules can throw everything off course! How do you get your child back on track? Dr. Jeremy Friedman can help!
How do I transition my child's sleep for back to school?
Preteens and teens are on the go and growing at a rapid rate. They don’t always make the best snacking choices for their lifestyle, but Director of Clinical Diatetics, Dr. Daina Kalnins, tells you how easy it can be to fuel a busy adolescent!
How can I help my preteen & teen make healthy snacking choices?
If your child has a food allergy, this anaphylaxis action plan is for you. Dr. Adelle Atkinson explains what it is and why you need it.
What is an Anaphylaxis Action Plan?
Should you or shouldn’t you? Dr. Upton Allen delivers the straight goods to this frequently asked question.
Does the flu shot really work?
Dr. Greg Wells answers this TRUE or FALSE question about outdoor physical activity for your child.
TRUE or FALSE? 60 minutes of being outdoors is enough physical activity for my child.
Paul grew up with a severe food allergy and has the TOP 5 things you should know about keeping your child safe at school!
TOP 5: My child has an allergy, what are some ways to stay safe at school?
Sending your child to school can be overwhelming at any age. Here are Dr. Jeremy Friedman’s TOP 5 tips for keeping kids healthy and safe at school!
TOP 5: Ways to keep my child healthy & safe at school
You know physical activity is good for you, but do you know WHY? Dr. Greg Wells breaks it down in this TOP 3.
TOP 3: What are the benefits of physical activity?
Phoebe and Paul breakdown what you SHOULDN'T say to someone with a food allergy.
TOP 5: What are some things you shouldn't say to someone with an allergy?